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Let’s face it, twitter is the new thing to do. Everyone is using it, from the teeny bopper who wants to chat with friends to the biggest of celebrities and business owners. If you want lots of people to follow you, it is pretty simple to get followers for your twitter. Start today and you will be amazed at just how simple it is! There are several different things you can do to get these followers on twitter, read on to find out what you need to know.


One of the most basic things you can do is to get your followers from other sources that you currently use. Some of these might include your myspace, facebook, or xanga users that you can add to your twitter account.

If you have a blog, such as or any other blog, post a blog how to get facebook likes about your twitter account and your users will be able to find and follow you. You can add it as a signature on any of these sites, or use if as a signature for your email to let people you email see that you use twitter. Email friends, coworkers, or whoever you want to add to twitter, letting them know about your account and ask them to add you or sign up for an account of their own.

Each person knows people and provides the potential for more followers. If you use it for business purposes, have it printed onto business cards, or mention it to people you work with. It is so simple!

Tweet on twitter! Updating this regularly is a great way to get followers because people can see new comments. However, it is important to make sure that the posts you leave are worth reading about and aren’t boring.

If you are just tweeting to tweet, you may lose followers, who will become bored with mundane posts. Therefore, tweet about relevant topics often in order to let people find you and get them interested in what you have to say. Use catching topic lines, as this is what is going to draw them into your tweet and follow up with great content.

Another great way to get people to add you to their twitters is to look for people to add. Find people that you have conversational topics in common with and ask them questions. If you do, they are likely to answer you back and if you have interesting tweets, they may very well read what you have to say, thereby increasing your twitter followers.

Find as many people as you can and comment on their tweets or ask questions. Every question or comment leaves the potential for another follower. If you are pressed for time, try to do just two or three of these a day, and post one relevant post a day. This should produce pretty good feedback and get followers quickly without taking up too much of your time.